Blood Collection (Phlebotomy) Chair

Blood Collection (Phlebotomy) Chair
Product Details

Quip Phlebotomy chair (Standard Model)

• Specially designed grooved and cushioned arm-rest of proper positioning of arm during Phlebotomy procedure (In accordance with CLSI blood collection best practice guideline for positioning of arm during collection)

• Tilting feature in armrest allows best practice in Blood collection. (CLSI guidelines recommend arm should be protruded towards gravity to aid venous blood flow during collection)

• 360° rotatable and Height adjustable armrest, comforts positioning during collection.

• Intelligently designed seat provides comfortable seating for all sizes of patients.

• Removable Utility tray helps for comfortable access for phlebotomy accessories during blood collection.

• Cushioned safe rest flip-up allows safety and comfort during collection.

• Additional tray attached for phlebotomy items.

Available Colours: BEIGE, BLACK, MAROON.

General specification:

Material: Stainless Steel and Mild steel with matt hair buff finished (Powder coated)

Upholstery: artificial leather

Base: plastic bushings

Dimensions: Std Adjustable Model

Seating width: 20 inches

Seating height: 21 inches

Seating depth: 20 inches

Back support size: 20 inches*20 inches