Q-suite: Phlebotomy room

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Phlebotomy room is one of the most important areas of a hospital or Laboratory. Many a times for OPD or walk-in patients Phlebotomy area is the only part of the Lab which are in the direct eye . These customers mostly will not be able to observe or understand the automation or actual lab. Hence having this display area to be best equipped can create a good positive impression in eyes of the Patient / customers.

Blood collection area is of prime importance , this is the area which will be the face of that institution.

Phlebotomy room is one of busiest area of the Hospital or Lab. lab workers who are designated as Phlebotomist spend maximum working hours within Phlebotomy room. So, phlebotomy room should be designed keeping in mind the comfort of the patients and Phlebotomist.

The best phlebotomy setups embrace the proper use of technology and best available devices for safety and workflow improvement.

Quip Labmed and its team’s expertise will help you conceptualize the Phlebotomy room and Lab design for your Hospital, Laboratory and Collection centre or client locations. we have many Open Lab deign as per NABL and other accreditation standards These designs are made keeping in mind available space, your budgeting needs, timelines and workflow.

The final output design will be

• Clean , Aesthetic and comfortable for patients

• Safe for patients and technicians

• Optimal and efficient for Laboratory workflow

QUIP Q-Site Phlebotomy and Laboratory designs