NIDOVAC® Disposable Tourniquet

Features an ‘advanced stretch TPE formulation’ with correct compression which provides Phlebotomist with good control and accurate vein location.

Benefits of Correct Compression

Ensures smooth stretch with adequate pressure avoids pinching of skin.
Avoids chances of elevation of analytes such as ( K+ / Ca++)
Avoids chances of ‘HEMOCONCENTRATION’ ( loss of fluids from venous site leading to increase in values of analytes such as proteins)
Avoids chance of Hematoma in patients.
Due to user to user variation in techniques with regular ‘Velcro Tourniquet’s’ in many cases can lead to PREANALYTICAL errors. ‘NIDOVAC® DISPOSABLE TOURNIQUET’ helps in managing all of these concerns.
(Made with high stretch TPE material, latex, and natural rubber free)

Sufficient size in length of 18” (suitable for normal to bariatric patients).

Width of 25 mm imparts proper grip without pinching.

Disposable ( Perforated roll from avoids chances of re-use).