Chemotherapy Chair (Standard Comfort)

Chemotherapy Chair (Standard Comfort)
Product Details

  • 4 actuators movement Chemotherapy Chair: Individual movements of backrest,seat tilt, leg-rest and height adjustment.
  • Button press for head-low positioning, entry positioning.
  • Lifting capacity: 150 kgs (udl)
  • Individually Lockable Castor Wheels
  • Soft touch button remote function for Chemotherapy Chair Standard Comfort model.
  • Big size anti-slip arm rest with swayable positioning.
  • Battery back-up (optional)
  • Electrical specification: 1 phase, 230V, 50Hz/250VA
  • Bed position: 180°
  • Head low position:-15°
  • Chemotherapy Chair Standard Comfort model upholstery is washable and disinfectant resistant upholstery.
  • Chemotherapy Chair Standard Comfort model comes with 1 Yr warranty against manufacturing defects.

Dimensions: Chemotherapy Chair Standard Comfort model

Depth 4ft in sitting position

Chair Width 34 “(Hand-rest to Hand-rest)

Sitting position height for can vary from 21” to 30” by up and down movements

Seating 24 x 21 inch

Back rest 30” H x 24 “Width

Leg rest 21” h x 24” width

Total recline position length of chair 75 inches