Moving Box- Syringe  Hub Cutter with Sharp container

Moving Box- Syringe Hub Cutter with Sharp container

  • It’s a specially designed SYRINGE HUB CUTTER with pocket carry design.
  • SYRINGE HUB CUTTER has a permanent seal option for closure safety of contaminated sharps.
  • SYRINGE HUB CUTTER comes with integrated sharp blade to easily cut the Syringe hub without applying much pressure.
  • SYRINGE HUB CUTTER is ideal for Hospital Bedside trolleys/tray, Small Clinics, Doctors, GPs, Dentists, Pathology Laboratory, Blood collection room, patient home visit purpose etc.
  • Size of attached Sharp container to this hub cutter – 300 ml
  • Note : Use cover Seal to close and Dispose the SYRINGE HUB CUTTER after its full.

All our products comply to OSHA guidelines for choosing right sharp containers. Below are the guideline by OSHA for Sharp Containers:

  • SHARP CONATINERS Should be Closable.
  • SHARP CONATINERS Should be Puncture-resistant, and leak-proof on sides and bottom.
  • SHARP CONATINERS Should be Accessible near to sharp generation area ( e.g. : Blood collection station or Nursing trolley )
  • SHARP CONATINERS Should be Maintained upright, and not allowed to overfill.
  • SHARP CONATINERS Should be Colorued or labeled with the Biohazard symbol.