Preanalytical Resource

All Phlebotomy roomitems mostly covered in Q-site Turnkey room

Below items will be selected as per client’s choice…

Blood collection chair-Non reclining
Blood collection chair-Reclining
Phlebotomy trolley with all attachments
Phlebotomy workstation
Phlebotomy furniture
Sleek Wash basin
Safety Eye wash station
Eppendrof centrifuges-refrigerated
Eppendrof centrifuges-non-refrigerated
Remi-R 8c centrifuge 16x15ml
Remi centrifuge small-urine specimen
Pipette – 1000 micro liter( Finpettee-France)
Pipette 100 micro liter( Finpettee France)
Cold chain Transport Bags-
wall mount tube dispenser
Refreshment refrigerator
Eye wash station
Transport tray
Barcode printer /scanner
Blood collection tubes Plain ,
Blood collection tubes EDTA
Blood collection tubes Fluoride
Blood collection tubes Gel
Blood collection tubes ESR sediment
Blood collection needles 21G & 22G
Vacuum Holder – Universal
Vaccum Holder – safety
Scalp Vein set
Syringe with Needles ( 2ml )
Syringe with Needles ( 5ml )
Syringe with Needles ( 10ml)
Micro collection tubes (Plain )
Micro collection tubes (K2EDTA)
Micro collection tubes ( Heparin)
Urine cups -30 ml non sterile
Urine cups -50 ml sterile
Stool containers sterile
Stool containers non-sterile
ESR Pipettes
Urine centrifuge tubes 15ml
Borosil Glass tubes
Sharps container -1 L
waste bins trolley systems
Waste disposal Bags -Black
Waste disposal Bags -Yellow
Waste disposal Bags – Red
Spirit 400ml
cotton role 500gm
Bandage box
Slide Box (50 Slides per pack)
Slide Box frosted (50 Slides per pack)
Cover slip
Filter paper Box
Sterile swabs
PAP fixative bottle
Pipette – tips Blue
Pipette – tips Yellow
Pipette – tips white
Multi-sampling vials
Labels box
Tissue papers roll
Monteux solution bottle
Insulin syringe
Gloves Box
Capillary Tube box
Petri dish
Petri dish
Zip lock bags
alcohol swabs,
Staff uniform ( t-shirt or apron )
Labcaot-( Vimal) with logo embossing
Stationary ,Toiletries ,other Misc general and small lab items eg stopwatch,1st aid box , temp detector,test-tube rack , , hypo chloride, icepacks , hand rub, button tourniquets , IV spot etc