Safety Sharp Container (5.0 Lit)

Safety Sharp Container (5.0 Lit)

Product Size: 24.5X20X16.5CM
Packing Qty: 24PCS/Carton
Carton Size: 51X42X29.5cm

Salient Features:

  • Most popular quadrate shape
  • Leak proof and puncture resistant
  • Wide and clearopening for easy disposal
  • Counterbalanced door for hand-free disposal
  • Ergonomically-designed handle
  • Temporary closure & definite closure
  • Practical rotating/sliding temporary lid
  • Secure perimeter lock for safe usage and transportation
  • Easy manipulation
  • Comprehensive label details
  • Safe to human health and environment

Standard Features:

  • Safety Sharp Containers are rigid polypropylene construction with handle.
  • Safety Sharp Containers are safe to incinerate and environmentally friendly.
  • Safety Sharp Containers are puncture and impact resistant.
  • Safety Sharp Containers are fluid leak resistant.
  • Safety Sharp Containers has a translucent top that helps prevent overfilling & injury.
  • Safety Sharp Containers are tough and durable with strong handles.
  • Safety Sharp Containers has a secure final lock that prevents re-opening.
  • In Safety Sharp Containers, safety button release holders are NOT mandatory, as needle removal can be done.
  • using regular (universal) needle holders from screw notches at top of the containers.
  • Safety Sharp Containers are inter-stackable which minimizes storage & is easy for transportation.

All our products comply to OSHA guidelines for choosing right sharp containers. Below are the guideline by OSHA for Sharp Containers:

  • SHARP CONATINERS Should be Closable.
  • SHARP CONATINERS Should be Puncture-resistant, and leak-proof on sides and bottom.
  • SHARP CONATINERS Should be Accessible near to sharp generation area ( e.g. : Blood collection station or Nursing trolley )
  • SHARP CONATINERS Should be Maintained upright, and not allowed to overfill.
  • SHARP CONATINERS Should be Colorued or labeled with the Biohazard symbol.